I performed in White Horse Theater Company's production A CAVALIER FOR MILADY , February 2018, at The Players Club, NYC!  


Director Alvin Case's feature film shot in Boston, I played a Karon Bancroft, who travels a road to a strange addiction..

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Feature film shot in Maine with Treat Williams..  I had a cool comedic role playing the prudish Martha.  See Trailer on my Reels page.!

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In The Moon's Shadow

I began working professionally on-camera when I was in college... a very long time ago!  I've been so fortunate over the years, with receiving a scholarship to study Theatre in England,  becoming a casting director, then returning to my passion of acting.  I am grateful to all of the people I have worked with and who have helped me along the way...  And believed in me.  Thank you!

IN THE MOON's SHADOW is now in post production!  It was a challenging summer pulling together this feature film, shot during the Total Eclipse of the Sun - 2017, but we had a very talented team and generous support.  More information can be found on my writer/producer page.

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Rubicon Pictures feature shot in New Hampshire.  I had the role of Marie Gallo, mother of the groom. This film continues to win awards! It was so great to be part of this project.


Ellie's perk

CAKE: A LOVE STORY has been in several film festivals and winning awards! Working with Ariella Media was wonderful!  The story is based on the award winning novella, IT HAD TO BE US, by Lawrence and Betty Jo Tucker.  It is a beautiful, emotional love story, and I was very lucky to be able to have played the role of Elizabeth Lawrence.  Watch for clips on my Reel Page! Now available on Amazon Prime!

Played Peggy Fischer and another comedic surprise character in Ellie's Perk!  "A Special Blend of Human Beans."

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