MOTHER                                                               Arlene Bailey                                                              Michael Morrissey, Director

Framing John DeLorean                                   Renata Ferrare                                                            Dan Greeney/Sheena Joyce

Sometime Other Than Now                             Bookstore Ower                                                         Dylan McCormick, Director

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane                      Grace                                                                            Hallmark

In the Moon's Shadow                                        Lisa                                                                               Alvin Case, Director

Cake:  A Love Story                                            Elizabeth Lawrence                                                   Ariella Media

Analogue                                                              Karen Bancroft (Grieving widow)                            Alvin Case, Director

Cafe Society                                                           Suzy Bancroft                                                             Woody Allen, Director

The Congressman                                                 Martha  (Comedic prude)                                       Cantatonk Blues, Inc.    

Time And Charges                                                Amanda Branaugh    (Ambitious reporter)         Ernest Thompson, Director

The Union                                                               Marie Gallo  (Gracious mother of groom)            Rubicon Pictures

Spring/Fall  (tv pilot)                                             Toni    (Fashion editor – Yes man to Ms. Weaver)    HBO

’79 Parts                                                                  Bank Officer Maggie Temple (Endearing professional)  Ari Taub, Director

Whispers In The Dark  (interactive film)          Elizabeth Price (Domineering mother)                  The Lincoln Center/Wirth

Blood, Sweat, and Brando                                   Laura Lee    (Protective mother)                               Black Hat Pictures, LLC

A Stranger Within                                                   Sarah    (Committed girlfriend)                                  Lawrence Ferrara, Director

It’s Complicated                                                      Principal Dancer   (One week contract)                   Nancy Meyers, Director

Absent Father                                                         Susan, Career Woman  (Experienced mother)        Douglas Chang, Director

Delores del Rio                                                        Catherine Truscott    (Lesbian lawyer)                    Octavio Hinojosa, Director

Blind Justice (50 min pilot)                                    Sondra Capell    (Grieving mother)                         Mitch Saul, Director

Checking Out (short - 29 min)                               Trish     (Obsessive wife)                                         P Squared Productions

Students First In Line                                             Cheryl Widders                                                          The Onion (Web)

Guiding Light                                                             Wife #2 (U/5)                                                              CBS

As The World Turns                                                  Desk Clerk ’06-’10                                                     CBS

Wedding Street Journal-13 episodes                    Fashion Host/NYC Shows                                     Dick Dyer, Producer

Cinderella-British Pantomime  (42 shows)                Coach Driver                                                        Marlowe Theater/England

A Cavalier for Milady                                                    Mother                                                                    The Players Club NYC

August:  Osage County                                                 Ivy                                                                            Waterville Opera House

The Sugar Bean Sisters                                                Vidella Sparks (Glamorous hick)                        Waterville Opera House

Thumbs                                                                          Marta Dunhill (Manipulative star)                       Waterville Opera House

The Secret of Comedy                                                  Emily Petrocelli (Dying mother)                           ACAT Theatre
Three Viewings (Touring)                                             Mac    (Well educated corpse robber)                Three and a Crowd Players

City of Actors & Tears of Laughter                             Solo Performances                                                 The Abingdon Main Stage

Punch and Judy                                                            Marina Cliff    (Bitter socialite)                                ACAT Theatre

Light Up The Sky                                                          Irene Livingston  (Demanding starlet)                   Gaslight Theatre

BecauseHeCan                                                            Joanne Summerhays Elliot  (Trophy wife)              ACAT Theatre

Whose Wives Are They Anyway?                               D.L. Hutchinson   (Overbearing businesswoman)     Lakewood Theatre

A Party To Murder                                                       Mackenzie                                                                   Gaslight Theatre

Monologues & Madness I and II                               Multiple Comedic Characters/Sketch                       St. Lawrence Arts Center


The Actors Lab                                                             Steve Hanneman                                                       New York Lab Series

Improv/Cold Reading/Private & Classes                Gary Austin (Founder of The Groundlings)          Artistic New Directions

Scene Study, Monologues, Private                         Valerie Landsburg                                                       Whole Acting

Actor in Residence                                                     David Lyman                                                                 International Film Workshops

Annual Improv Retreat - Catskills                           Michael Gellman (Second City)  Gary Austin, etc.    Artistic New Directions

SAG Conservatory                                                       Steve Hanneman,  Jill Stern, etc                                  SAG New York


                                 University of Maine at Orono – Theater  BA Psychology

                                 IAU – British Studies Centre – Theatre.  Canterbury, England - Full Scholarship

                                 Marlowe Theatre Internship – Honors Program – IAU – Canterbury, England

                                 Christ Church College, Canterbury, England - Television & Film Production

Commercial actor.  Print  (US and England)  Teleprompter.  Green Screen.  Split Screen.   Improvisation.

Water-skiing. Snow Skiing. Dance.  Archery Instructor. Skeet.  Firearms Training. Canoe Instructor.  Kayak.  Motor Boat.  

Gourmet Cook.  Oil Painter.  Loon Calling.  Cry on Cue.   Accents - British, Swedish, Maine,  French, German.   Passport. 

                                                                                Lifetime Member of The Actor’s Project NYC 


~   ​dee cooke



acting resume


Professional Production Resume Below 

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theatre/off broadway/off off broadway/regional 


                                                   Professional Production Resume

Producer - Feature Film

In The Moon’s Shadow - Moon Shadow Pictures, LLC - Managing Producer Locations include Maine, Nebraska, and New York.

Director - TV, Documentaries, Commercials

Cianbro - The Artists Group - Locations: Washington DC, Pennsylvania, etc.
The Artists Group -
Actor Director/Coach for several projects including sections of the Montessori Documentary and Downeast Pharmacy Commercials.

Assistant Director - Films

Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Feature - PR Productions Inc. Polly Bennell, 
Director Locations in Maine and Florida - February to May 2000.
Real Men - P-Squared Productions. Matt Page, Director.
Trolley - Composite Productions. Don Moore, Director.

Casting Director/On Set Talent Coordinator - Films

Empire Falls - HBO Series - Falls Films Inc. - Location Casting
In The Bedroom - Feature - Eastern Standard Film Company - Local Casting Myth of 
Fingerprints - Feature - Good Machine, Inc. - Local Casting
Storm of the Century - Stephen King TV Mini-Series - Rainfall Productions. Man Without A Face - Feature - Director: Mel Gibson.
Liberty, Maine - Feature - Down East Productions, LLC.
WAKE - Feature - Director: Roy Finch
Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Feature - PR Productions - Principal Casting/AD Live From AT&T Bell Labs - TV - Executive Producer: Brian Monahan

Casting - Local - Owner/Founder: Maine Talent Source 1990-2002

Follow Me Outside - Feature - John Sullivan, Director Henry Hill - Feature - David Kantar, Director
Dark Harbor - Feature - Dark Harbor Films
It’s A Miracle - TV - PAX TV - 2 projects
The Dream Lives On - Feature - Producer - Caleb Cooks
Pennyweight - Short - New Born Pictures
Real Men - Short - Director: Matt Page
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol
The Forgotten Maine - TV - Producer: Bill Chinnock Rescue 911 - TV - Katy Film Productions - several projects True Detectives - TV - CBS
Patty Loveless Music Video
Godsmak Music Video
Television Commercials: Coopers & Lybrand (national), American General Insurance (national), CMP, Downeast Pharmacy, Hannaford (series), Shaws, State Farm (national), Peoples Heritage Bank, Etc. Print: National Mail Order Catalogs, AT&T, Subaru, Chevrolet, Chinet

Fashion Shows: Organized, cast, choreographed, scheduled, and directed fashion shows with up to 40 models and 300 outfits including Bangor, Augusta, and Portland Civic Center Bridal Shows from 1992 - 2001.

Coaching: On-location on-camera coaching for films, documentaries, and commercials. Instructor/Director of the Junior Theatre Group at the Marlowe Theatre, England Camera Technique Workshops - Children and Adult Programs. Maine Talent Source. 1990-2002.


Christ Church College - Britain - Television and Film Production - Dir./Prod. Program IAU - British Studies Centre - Theatre - Intern: Marlowe Repertory Theatre University of Maine At Orono - BA: Psychology
University of Maine at Augusta - Management, Accounting, Advertising, Photography Colby College - High School Guest - Scholarship

*Alpha Lamda Delta Honor Fraternity *Honors Scholarship for Abroad Study University of International Television & Film Workshops/CSTV Workshops

Acting Training 
Includes:  SAG Conservatory. Valerie Landsburg (TV-FAME) - Whole Acting I, II, III, IV and Private Coaching. Gary Austin (NYC & LA) - Off Balance and On Target.

10th Annual Improv Retreat - Gary Austin, Michael Gellman, Jeffrey Sweet,
WenndyMacKenzie, etc. Daytime TV - Mary Clay Boland. International Television & Film Workshops - Actor in Residence. Acting - Lee Kerr. On Camera Technique - Peter Kelly - Boston. Scene Study & Technique - Page McLane. College Workshops - UMO, British Studies Center. Transformational Casting Intensive - NYC, International Television & Film Workshops/CSTV Workshops.

Professional Organization Affiliations
Maine Film Commission - Appointed by Governors King (I), Baldacci (D), and LePage (R) 2002

- 2015 Served as Chair of The Maine Film Commission 2005-2007.
Maine Film & Video Association Treasurer & Founding Board Member - 98-02. Lifetime Member of The Actor’s Project NYC.