​Now, we have an amazing feature film "in the can" and are moving on to post production - editing and music. 

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With Deborah Kegel,  Co-Writer

A staged reading of IN THE MOON'S SHADOW followed by a Q&A with the director and actors  was held on July 2,  7 pm - 8:30 pm at the Belgrade, Maine Community Center for All Seasons.  The event was a benefit for the Friends of the Belgrade Public Library.   

We are looking forward to inviting the community to a screening of the film to be scheduled during the summer of 2018.


Response to ROSES ON THE LAKE - From Lea Girarden, Former Director of The Maine Film Office

“Just finished reading Roses. ---Too moved to say anything constructive at the moment.
My sister and I spent our childhood on a lake as well and our camp is still the family point of gravity ( 5 generations) so your script resonates deeply-- and all the family stuff as well~not easy,... beautiful,... sad,... funny,... wise as we all bumble along laughing, crying, trying, getting it wrong, getting it right.   Good work”

 ​Roses on the Lake


A Comedic Drama:   A weekend at the family’s lakeside multi-generational homestead becomes a critical turning point in the lives of three sisters  following the death of their father.  Ruth has spent the last fifteen years being the daughter that has done everything for her parents.  After the final parent’s passing, she is again alone to sort out closing the family home and property.   Now, the absent sisters. Patty and Celeste, along with Patty’s daughter, Sam, are on the way to help with the  yard sale.  Tensions are high when the traveling sisters are late.  Ruth’s only respite is a salt of the earth, opinionated, comedic, and lovable local woman named Fran.

The universal conflicts and frustrations of settling a multigenerational homestead is tempered  with the yard sale’s colorful characters and situations and other humorous events woven throughout the story.

In The Moon's Shadow



Roses on the Lake's presentation at Pecha Kucha Night at the Waterville Opera House, consisting of 20 images in a slide show, with 20 seconds of dialogue per slide. Recorded live, October 2, 2015.

To show our appreciation to our donors, we offer the following:

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$10-49             Shout out thank you on social media.
$50-99             Entered into a lottery to win two tickets to our screening and after     
                               party.  (Transportation not included)  - 5 Winners.
$100-249          Autographed film posters.
$250-499          Two tickets to attend a screening.  (Transportation not included)
$500-999          Two tickets to attend a screening and after party.
$1,000-2,499    Thank you credits at the end of the film.

$2,500              Assistant Producer Credit at the end of the film and on IMDb.
$5,000              Associate Producer Credit at the end of the film and on IMDb.
$10,000            Producer Credit at the end of the film and on IMDb.


Edward Case 

~ dee cooke

​                A wonderful motion picture

 about the total eclipse of the sun of 2017,

​                and how it changed lives.

A feature length screenplay


   Alvin Case


    Debra Lord Cooke

       Elissa Piszel

          Thomas Kesolits

 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   *   *    *    

The Players

  Elissa Piszel      Debra Lord Cooke         Jules Hartley

Now In Post Production! 

How To Participate

 Our Mission: Moon Shadow Pictures LLC is a women owned and managed production company with the goal of offering opportunities for women filmmakers and crew, to disabled filmmakers and actors, veterans, and internships to girls and boys, focusing on telling stories in which diversity and equal opportunity are shown as natural circumstances. 

                                             Inquires can be sent to: moonshadowfeature@gmail.com

A nuclear physicist by day, screenwriter by night, Edward began screenwriting after college.  His work has been optioned by Laureate Films, Finest Hour Films, and Level 10 Films.  He has also scripted or co-scripted several projects for his writer-director brother Alvin. He currently lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife and two children. 

On August 21, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse crossed the length of the United States from the Oregon coast to North Carolina. This was the first full eclipse of its kind in almost a century. This year's eclipse was the most photographed and recorded in history. We decided to take advantage of this once in a lifetime event and build a narrative feature length film around it. 

The story is about two sisters coming together after a long period of not speaking to one another.  A road trip to the Sand Hills of Nebraska to watch the eclipse becomes the focal point of their journey toward reconciliation.